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About this Web Site

  • What are wood pellets, anyway?
    Wood pellets are used as a fuel for among other things heating in wood pellet stoves, boilers, etc. They are made of waste wood, e.g. sawdust, shavings and ground chips, coming from the wood industry. These are pressed into small pellets cylindrical in shape, commonly with a diameter of 5-12 mm.

  • Who has made this web site?
    My name is Yumi Tilt and I have graduated from Copenhagen Business School in July 2001, with a Master's degree in International Business Administration and Modern Languages.

  • Why was this web site made?
    This web site, launched Dec. 29, 2000, was created as a "by-product" of a project at Copenhagen Business School that I was working on concerning a micro-cogeneration product that is fired with wood pellets.

  • Who is this web site for?
    The information on this web site is for anyone interested in or working with wood pellet related matters. When I myself was searching for information on the availability of wood pellets in Europe, I discovered that it was hard to find such information as it was scattered. To my knowledge, there were no complete listings of wood pellet manufactures in Europe. Therefore I began compiling a list of wood pellet manufacturers in Europe.
         I wish to make this information available for everyone who may need it. I hope it can be used, for example, by marketing people, by people who are generally interested in knowing which wood pellet manufacturers exist in Europe, etc.

  • How has the information been compiled?
    An initial list was compiled mainly by using existing lists of wood pellet manufacturers and suppliers found on the web site of C.A.R.M.E.N. (the Coordinating Office for Renewable Raw Materials, located in Germany) and in the report "Industrial Network on Wood Pellets" (by Malisius et al., 2000). Furthermore, I am grateful to national biomass organisations and the like who have been helpful in supplying information. Finally, in order to confirm the list, as far as it was possible, I have been in direct contact with the companies.