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Links to Wood Pellet Related Web Sites

  • The Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI)
    Trade association located in Arlington, Virginia, USA. Here you can learn more about wood pellets, and there are links to member pellet manufacturers in the United Stated and in Canada.

  • BC Pellet Fuel Manufacturers Association (BCPFMA)
    Trade association located in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. You can learn more about wood pellets and you will find links to members in Canada.

  • Pelletsindustrins Riksförbund (PiR)
    This Swedish association, in English called "The National Association of Pellet Producers", has 12 member companies in Sweden. The web site is in Swedish and in English.

  • Pelletsverband Austria (PVA)
    This Austrian trade association has members among wood pellet manufacturers and suppliers and dealers of wood pellet heating equipment. This web site is in German.

  • AEBIOM, The European Biomass Association
    AEBIOM's members are national biomass associations in Europe, which you also find links for on this web site.

  • C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V.
    The "Coordinating Office for Renewable Raw Material" is located in Bavaria (Bayern) in Germany. This web site is in German and in English.

  • INDEBIF (An Integrated European Market for Densified Biomass Fuels)
    This is the web site of INDEBIF, an ALTENER project under EU, whose purpose is to expand knowledge about densified biomass fuels and to establish a European network for these. Among others, the project identifies producers of densified biomass fuels and seeks knowledge on production, distribution, use and markets. A database of wood pellet manufacturers in Europe is included.

  • Pellet Systems Consulting (PSC)
    A consulting company that helps clients determine the feasibility of producing all types of densified products. PSC specialises in lowering the cost of producing wood fuel pellets.

  • Resource Efficient Agriculture Production (R.E.A.P.) - Canada
    A Canadian non-profit organisation dealing with food, fuel, and fibre. This web site contains a database of reports, some of which mention wood pellets. This web site is in English and French.

  • Wood-me
    The "Wood-me" web site is an international business-to-business marketplace of the wood industry, including raw wood and wood related products. This web site features an online directory of the wood industry, a trade board where offers and requests can be posted, and other e-marketing services. Wood pellet companies will be found under the category "raw wood", and subcategory "firewood".