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16 Dec. 2001
Profactus Establishes Wood Pellet Plant in Netherlands
Mr. Gerard Werdmüller draws our attention to Profactus' new wood pellet plant in the Netherlands. Profactus has a production capacity of 20,000 tonnes/year.

21 Oct. 2001
Russian Wood Pellet Manufacturer
We have been informed about the existence of a Russian wood pellet manufacturer located in St. Petersburg, BIOFUEL Public Limited Co., by the the director of BIOFUEL, Mr. Sergey Baev. The web site of the company is:

23 Sep. 2001
Programme of the 2nd European Round Table on Wood Pellets
From Mr. Andreas Pichler of UMBERA, we have now received the final programme of the "2nd European Round Table Woodpellets"/"2. Europäisches Expertenforum Holzpellets". The conference will be held in Salzburg, Austria, on 8-9 November 2001. The programme is in English and German and can be downloaded here (PDF 428 KB).

27 Jun. 2001
Wood Pellet Plant in Denmark for Lease
VKK Consult in Skive, Denmark, announces that it has a complete wood pellet plant located in Denmark for lease. The wood pellet plant, a Sprout Matodor type M30, is for sale or can be rented in a long-term rent contract. Production capacity: approx. 40,000 tonnes. For further details, see web site: or contact VKK Consult: e-mail, tel.: +45 24 82 48 36.

11 Jun. 2001
2nd European Round Table for Wood Pellets, Nov. 8-9, 2001, Salzburg
Actors from all market segments involved with wood pellets, including wood pellet manufactures, are invited to participate in a wood pellet conference to be held in Salzburg, Austria, in November 2001. The first announcement with a preliminary programme and call for contributions can be downloaded here (MS Word: 63 KB).

2 Jun. 2001
ALTENER Project on Densified Biomass Fuels
Dr. Johan Vinterbäck of SLU, Forest Management and Products, Uppsala, Sweden, has informed us about an ALTENER project called INDEBIF, concerning densified biomass fuels, including wood pellets, in Europe. More information can be found on INDEBIF's web site.

16 Apr. 2001
Finnish Wood Pellet Maufacturer
From Mr. Janne Nalkki of Central Finland Energy Agency we have learned about the existence of a Finnish wood pellet manufacturer, Punkaharjun Pelletti Ky, situated in Punkaharju.

10 Mar. 2001
More Finnish Wood Pellet Manufacturers
Mr. Janne Nalkki from Central Finland Energy Agency has supplied us with addtional wood pellet manufacturers in Finland: PuuPrisma Oy in Kesälahti, and Umacon Oy with factories in Kuopio and Anjalankoski.

24 Feb. 2001
Wood pellet plant in commision
From Mr. Knudsen at VKK Consult in Skive, Denmark, we have received the following piece of news: Nice and well maintained wood pellet plant is in commision. Sprout Matador type M30. Production capacity: approx. 40,000 tonnes. For more details, see web site:, e-mail:

20 Jan. 2001
Sydpellets AB
We have learned about the existence of an additional wood pellet manufacturer, Sydpellets AB in Traryd, Sweden.

29 Dec. 2000
UMDASCH www-address
Mr. Rudolf Huber from UMDASCH AG (Amstetten, Austria) has informed that the company has a web site: This web site in German explains among other things about the company's history and its wood fuel products.